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Our range of specialty CBD tinctures, topicals and transdermals is crafted using the highest quality starting materials. We use locally sourced, natural resources to ensure our products are the best on the market.

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1 Gram Phoenix Tears Syringes

One of the most common medicinal ways of utilizing this amazing plant, and best known for it's cancer fighting abilities. With an abundance of terpenes and wide range of cannabinoids, it's impossible not to notice the benefits when ingesting our Phoenix Tears.

100mg Peppermint Infused Bath Bomb

Dive into a gorgeously scented, lightly blue coloured bath with our NEW handcrafted, peppermint THC infused bath bombs. The gold shimmer is made with environmentally friendly (completely dissolvable) glitter, so you can enjoy some sparkle without the guilt!  

1500mg Sleepy Time Tincture

This clean cannabis concentrate, is exactly what the doctor ordered! With all the naturally-occurring cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, this product is sure to help you reap all the benefits you're looking for. (hint: You might want to have it even earlier than bed time, to enjoy the euphoric feeling associated with this highly concentrated THC)  

200mg Assorted Gummies

Great for both beginners and experienced users, this pack of 10 gummy's contains all your favourites. Cola bottles, worms, fuzzy peaches, sour keys, watermelons and more! 10 candies per bag, consisting of 20mgs of pure THC per piece, totalling 200mgs.

200mg Big Buddha Infused Gummy

Thanks to the delicious flavour and potent high this gummy offers, it's no wonder they are quickly becoming everyone's favourite treat. Be careful with this one newbies, this one packs quite a punch with 200mgs of pure THC. We promise we wont be offended if you don't finish it all in one serving.

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

25mg of full spectrum CBD blended with MCT oil, in an easy to swallow vegan friendly capsule. This has easily become everyone's favourite method of consumption. Convenient and accurate, this is a fool proof way of getting your daily dose of CBD.

300mg CBD Pain Cream

Topicals improve bioavailability, with some products also using enhancers like lavender to help the permeants penetrate the skin’s outer layer, whereas CBD consumed orally is metabolized by the liver and gut enzymes, which can cause irritation for some people.Our soothing lavender essential oil infused moisturizer has a pleasant aroma that will quickly melt away your aches, pains and inflammation. The magical combination of our CBD and Lavender provide an overall warm comfort, while relaxing the mind and releasing tensions. This topical is very fast absorbing, and will quickly become a household staple.

CBD Tincture

This CBD isolate tincture has been crafted from the purest form of CBD, producing a product that is free from any other cannabinoids or terpenes, making it a great option for pets, and anyone that doesn’t want to taste the plant.This product is offered in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg concentrations.

CBD Transdermal Patches

Our Transdermal CBD Pain Patch is a topically applied product that enables the absorption of the cannabinoid directly into the bloodstream. The gradual release system prevents the potential effects of  a crash that could be associated with concentrated use. This method administers a steady infusion of CBD into your system over a period of time. Enjoy the benefits of CBD for up to a full 24 hours with our Transdermal Patch formulation. Our patches have been specifically designed to relieve inflammation and pain in localized areas, as well as provide full body relaxation and anxiety relief.

Full Spectrum Oil CBD Tincture

Our full spectrum CBD tincture offers a more rounded addition to your health regimen. Produced from a whole-plant extract, this tincture allows other cannabinoids to apply additional anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, and pain relieving properties to your body while also delivering your desired CBD intake.CBD and other fellow cannabinoids, like CBN and CBG, produce an entourage effect when present together. Recent studies have shown that combining cannabinoids and terpenes in full spectrum tinctures increases the individual healing properties of each.

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